Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, a baby and a dinosaur

Helloooo - I'm back after a short hiatus, and I have a lot to update you on. I have just returned from 2 weeks in Hong Kong, where I managed to meet up with Rhiannon (Rhiannon Brum) briefly for a fabric shopping trip (more on that in a later post). Very excitingly I have just accepted a job for a not-for-profit science communications company - I start tomorrow! I've had an amazing time pursuing dressmaking, and it is thrilling to know that I can make a living from it. The hand-to-mouth existence, and forging your way in the world is a very rewarding way of life, and it is something I am very glad I tried, but I will welcome my first monthly pay packet with open arms! It was time to reclaim my hobby and redefine the line between my vocation. However, I still hope to take on dress commissions and run my Etsy store. It is simply not sustainable for me to continue sewing at the rate I'd like to for myself alone.

This change is timely as we have just finalised designs for a new look for SewVee. Hopefully, my website will be up and running soon (depending on how quickly I can bribe my chap into action!). So watch this space.

Website loading...
Keeping the news theme going there has been a new addition to the family - I'm an Auntie (of sorts!). My Chap's Brother and his wife had their first baby in October. Of course, I was beside myself when they told me they were expecting and even more so when I met him.

Here I am trying to keep it together whilst holding a BAAAABBBBYYYY!
... and providing extra sensory stimulation for the little guy.
On the day I was born my lovely grandparents gave me a cuddly toy called Morris, named after my Grandpa. Of course Morris was a mouthful, so he soon became known as Momo. He has been with me ever since...

Here is the part where I admit as a 27 year old women I still take a teddy to bed. No shame. This is me pretty much still to this day...

Here he is drying after a wash:

You can see through him in parts, but he is clinging on. He now wears a shirt, after an impatient blow dry went wrong after a wash!

So I knew I wanted to sew our little new addition a cuddly toy in hope they may one day form a life-long bond like Momo and I. Fingers crossed (I can dream, no pressure little chap!). When issue 19 of Simply Sewing Magazine fell on my doorstep, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I fell in love with this guy...

...A dinosaur plushie tutorial from Jo Carter. I had no idea if I could pull off something this professional looking but I thought I'd give it a damn good go! I headed straight over to Plush Addict to buy my supplies.

They came super fast, and they are such lovely quality. Seriously soft. So soft in fact, that it crossed my mind that I might not be able to part with the fruits of my labour.

I cut all the pattern pieces out and got stuck in. The instructions were clear and included tips for working with fabric with a pile (something I've only done once while sewing some velvet cushion covers with piping- no easy feat!).

It wasn't long before I had a head, and eager to boast, I sent my chap an update... which evolved into this rather hilarious exchange:

Attaching the head to the body was the trickiest bit as you had to get everything lined up nicely. But soon he was ready for his stuffing!

After stuffing, I was a little horrified at the shape of his face! Then I read on and realised you shape the face using some stitches between the eyes. This took him from a little flat faced and terrifying to pretty bloody cute if I do say myself! Finally, before giving him life I made a little velvet heart and embroidered it with my nephew's date of birth.

Posing with the heart before the op! 

Finally, the first meeting...

 ...I'm not sure he is smitten yet! Fingers crossed for a life long bond, and I'm hoping she (?) might take my namesake....Victoria the Dinosaur!

As always, sending you all lots of love and thank you for reading


Vic xxx

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