Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Butterfly and Gold Thingy

You'll have to forgive me; I just got back from my best friend's wedding, and I am recovering from the giddy heights of the weekend. I keep spontaneously bursting into tears - I'm STILL in full blown hysteria. So this post might be a little incoherent!

It was one of the most fantastic weekends of my life. I am black and blue all over, and I cannot get my feet clean. Signs of a bloody wonderful night. Those guys can plan a wedding! Of course, I couldn't let the day pass without some sewing for the big day. I had the absolute pleasure of making four bridesmaid dresses, with matching clutch bags and confetti bags as well as a cathedral veil, a garter, slippers and an eye mask for the bride. Blog post to follow!

For now, I've got a dress to share with you that I made for the meal the night before the wedding: The butterfly and gold thingy. The dress was named by Linda P on instagram (Daisy creates in Sussex). Does what it says on the tin!

So here she is!

I found this stunning fabric from Empire Textiles. I think this my favourite wax fabric yet. I love the colours, the massive print and of course, the gold embroidered stars. The butterflies are about 30cm across. I think this a personal best for ridiculous scale on a SEWVEE dress!

If you love this print I have ONE crop top made from it on my etsy shop in a size 10! Find it HERE. Plus bow ties for the chaps HERE.

I altered my bodice block by lowering the back and front neckline. I had a few attempts at this to get the pretty shape I wanted. I then moved the bust dart to the waist to avoid breaking up the print. I was little lazy and skipped the toil phase and just cut straight into my lining. I sewed it up and basted the side seams to check the fit. I lowered the neckline a little at this point - I always find it hard to judge when flat. Then after a deep breath, I cut into my beautiful fabric.  I knew I wanted a butterfly flitting across my chest so I played around with the pattern placement for a LONG time.

This is what I settled for.

The bodice sewed up pretty quickly, and I was already head over heels! Next, the skirt. I love the skirt on my Peacock dress so much I didn't even think twice about the shape I wanted for this one (You can read about the Peacock dress here). Plus I had already drafted the pattern, and I was beside myself with excitement to finish her! I went for French seams and a Hong Kong finish at the zip as always. Finally, I finished the hem with the SEWVEE standard - a bias binding facing in a contrast navy blue. It gives the skirt such a lovely shape and hang.

Pretty happy with my pattern placement at the waist seam.

Pattern matching is a little off on the back but as it is just for me
 and I can't see that back I didn't re-do it!

No worries here...

Sneaky side eye.

Pockets in dresses are now a complete must have for me. I am never out of dresses and before I could sew I'd begrudgingly wear jeans when I needed to wear something more practical. No need now! I made a little video tutorial on my Instagram showing how to insert pockets with a French seam if you fancy a look.

I didn't quite have enough fabric to pattern match down the skirt seam as I had promised myself a circle skirt out of this fabric too. I managed to cut either side of the butterflies and altered the pattern so I had a super small seam allowance to prevent losing as much of the butterfly wings as possible.

Looking casual with a bench.

This dress isn't exactly the kind you pop down to the supermarket in (although I doubt that'll stop me!), therefore I fancied something I could wear every day in this AMAZING fabric too. I went for a simple half circle skirt. I really have worn it everyday! 

Perfect with my Lotta clogs

Of course pockets!

The skirt is perfect with so many of my tops.
It so hard not to reach for it in the morning.

Thanks once again to my wonderful partner and photographer - you are bloody great Davy Max. 

Right that's all from me. I've got some more recovering to do. My BEST FRIEND IS A WIFE!!!!!! Oh ---- and I've gone again *Wails*

Thank you for all the love and support - the sewing community is AMAZING. 

Gosh, weddings make me gushy. 


Vic xx

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  1. Awesome dress. Really shows of the lovely butterfly print well. (By the way, good to meet you yesterday!)